INVESTING IN HUMANITY: Yalla Shares Its Unicorn Story at FII Institute’s Sixth Future Investment Initiative

Yalla was recently a proud contributor to the Future Investment Initiative (FII) Institute ’s sixth Future Investment Initiative, titled “Investing in Humanity: Enabling a New Global Order.” Held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in October 2022, the event convened the world’s foremost CEOs, policymakers, investors and entrepreneurs to discuss and shape the future of international investment and the global economy, including in-depth conversations about new pathways for global investment and analysis of critical industry trends.


Yalla was featured on the “From Seed to Unicorn: Empowering Youth Entrepreneurship” panel, moderated by Massimo Mazza, a senior partner in McKinsey & Company. The panel discussion revolved around how youth entrepreneurs’ ambitions are reshaping industries, how taking entrepreneurial risks is important, and how governments and business leaders can play a critical role in developing youthful talent to propel innovation. Yalla focused on the intersection of innovation, entrepreneurship, youth, and talent in Middle East and North Africa region (MENA)’s internet industry while sharing Yalla’s daring Unicorn journey with the local and international investment community.


With deep roots in MENA and a long-standing commitment to its economy, people and culture, Yalla Group is always honored to contribute to such events in the region. Yalla welcomes any opportunity to showcase MENA’s potential on an international stage while also enhancing its brand awareness across the region. By leveraging Yalla’s comprehensive understanding of MENA’s unique local traditions, Yalla promotes a healthy and well-managed sector environment while dedicated to facilitating the development of local digital economies. Yalla’s vision is to build MENA’s most popular destination for online social networking and entertainment activities, providing the people of MENA with better access to a digital life.