Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee

Our nominating and corporate governance committee consists of Mr. Tao Yang, Mr. Saifi Ismail and Mr. Osman Sultan. Mr. Tao Yang is the chairperson of our nominating and corporate governance committee. Mr. Osman Sultan satisfies the requirements for an “independent director” within the meaning of Section 303A of the NYSE Listed Company Manual. The nominating and corporate governance committee will assist the board of directors in selecting individuals qualified to become our directors and in determining the composition of the board and its committees.

The nominating and corporate governance committee will be responsible for, among other things:

  • selecting and recommending to the board nominees for election by the shareholders or appointment by the board;
  • reviewing annually with the board the current composition of the board with regards to characteristics such as independence, knowledge, skills, experience and diversity;
  • making recommendations on the frequency and structure of board meetings and monitoring the functioning of the committees of the board; and
  • advising the board periodically with regards to significant developments in the law and practice of corporate governance as well as our compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and making recommendations to the board on all matters of corporate governance and on any remedial action to be taken.