Compensation Committee

Our compensation committee consists of Mr. Tao Yang, Mr. Jianfeng Xu and Mr. David Cui. Mr. Tao Yang is the chairperson of our compensation committee. Mr. David Cui satisfies the requirements for an “independent director” within the meaning of Section 303A of the NYSE Listed Company Manual.

Our compensation committee is responsible for, among other things:

  • reviewing, evaluating and, if necessary, revising our overall compensation policies;
  • reviewing and evaluating the performance of our directors and senior officers and determining the compensation of our senior officers;
  • reviewing and approving our senior officers’ employment agreements with us;
  • setting performance targets for our senior officers with respect to our incentive—compensation plan and equity-based compensation plans;
  • administering our equity-based compensation plans in accordance with the terms thereof; and such other matters that are specifically delegated to the remuneration committee by our board of directors from time to time.