Saeed Al Hamli

Independent Director

Saeed Al Hamli has served as one of our independent directors since November 2021. Mr. Al Hamli is an accomplished telecommunications executive with excellent leadership skills and extensive experience navigating challenging environments. He is the founder and chief executive officer of Seattle Project Management Services, which focuses on and embraces new technology trends by investing in and partnering with leading technology companies. He has recently been appointed as a board director of Aurum Equity Partners, which specializes in infrastructure assets that provide essential services to communities and businesses. He had also held leading positions in Etisalat Group, a multinational Emirati-based telecommunications services provider, as chief executive officer of Etisalat Egypt, and chief executive officer of Etisalat Afghanistan. He was one of the early founders of Thuraya Satellite Telecommunications in 1997 and served in Thuraya in many roles, including chief commercial officer. Mr. Al Hamli received an Executive MBA from American University of Sharjah (AUS) in 2003 and a BSC in Electrical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology (FIT) in 1991.